Celtic Shores Coastal

Length Duration Difficulty Cell Service
92 km 2+ days 5 No

The Celtic Shores Coastal is 92km, multipurpose trail. Cyclists, ATV’s, joggers, horseback riding, walking and hiking is all welcome. It is broken into 5 different trails / sections. Check out the Trails tab on this page for details. A lot of this trail runs parallel to the Route 94 highway, which means there are many different places to access this trail. Most of them are plotted below.

Note: Most cyclists prefer to start at the Troy Station trail head.


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Trail Head

Trail List

1. Celeidh Trail (aka Ghost Beach) – 22 km
2. Judique Flyer Trail – 19km
3. Chestico Trail – 17km
4. Mabou Rivers Trail – 19.6 km
5. Inverness Shean Trail – 16km


Turn left as soon as you cross the bridge on the Canso Causeway as you are entering Cape Breton. You will see the trailhead kiosk right away and there is usually ample parking available. The trail starts beside the chain-link fence to your right. Due to then length and the fact that multiple trails make up this trail system, there are many different trail heads and places to start at various locations along the way.