Branch Pond

Length Duration Difficulty Cell Service
14.87 km 3.5h 3 Spotty

Branch Pond is likely the straightest trail on the Island. It follows an old fire road through Acadian, Boreal and Taiga land regions and offers two look-offs. The first look-off, which features a view of Cape Smokey and Middlehead, is the nicer of the two in our opinion. There is a cabin just past the midway mark of the trail which makes a good land mark during the trek. The trail ends without sign-age at a clearing which is big enough for a vehicle to turn around. This is also where the Lake of Islands trail starts. You can see Branch Pond from there, however, the path leading down to it is getting tough to get through.

This trail is open to cyclists.



Trail Head

(GPS: 46.753010, -60.364957)


On the Cabot Trail in Ingonish, drive past Broadcove Campground and take the left, followed by a quick right onto the dirt road which leads to Mary Ann Falls. About 5 km’s up that road take the left which leads to the trail head. There is a good sized parking lot at the trail head.


Branch Pond Trail
Branch Pond.

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