Coxheath Hills

Length Duration Difficulty Cell Service
9.44 km 3h 2 Yes

This trail starts off with a fairly steep climb up a mountain face. Just over halfway up there is a nice waterfall and bench for you to catch your breath if needed. When you get to the top you can turn left to head to the Western Loop or keep going up the main trail towards Pitman cabin. It is broken down into three main trails but there are two other trails you can hit was well. The typical route is to take Western onto North (towards Pinacle Lookoff) and back onto main which makes a 9.44 km route.


Trail Head


Drive along Coxheath Road towards the Blackett’s Lake turn off. There is a small white church at the intersection, park in the parking lot of the church. The trail head is at the back of this parking lot.

Maps / Tracks

Cox Heath Hills
Coxheath Hills trail map

Coxheath hills
Coxheath Hills



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