Bald Mountain

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Trail Info

Length: 17.9 km
Duration: 5h
Difficulty: 4
Cell Phone Service: No


If you have never heard of Bald Mountain, you have likely already laid eyes on it without knowing it. It is the rocky peak visible in the far distance from the St. Anne’s look off, on top of Kelly’s Mountain. While this is not an officially marked trail, we feel this is a must-do for any serious view-seeking Cape Breton hiker.

To reach Bald Mountain, follow Big Baddeck Road until you no longer feel comfortable proceeding (road is rough going past the 5km part as of May 2015). There is a good place to park about 4.7 km in (likely the best spot for cars) and 7.7 km in (just past the shelter turnoff) for something with more clearance. From the parking areas, walk until you hit the junction of the 710 and 750 snowmobile tracks. Take the 750 and follow it until you reach the peak. You will know you are on the right track when you see McMillon cemetery. About 5.6 km in, the 750 makes a sharp left, if you keep going straight, there is a short offshoot to see some old settler foundations. The view from Bald Mountain is really magnificent and one of the best views on the Island. Retrace route to return.
Maps / Tracks
Bald Mountain Terrain
Bald Mountain Terrain view.
Bald Mountain Satellite
Bald Mountain Satellite view.

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