Aspy Trail

Length Duration Difficulty Cell Service
8.9 km 2h 20mins 3 Spotty

The Aspy trail is a nice relaxed hike that runs through the Aspy Valley to an amazing look-off. It starts at Beulach Ban falls and skirts above the Aspy River, often offering views of the river itself and North Mountain in the distance. The trail gradually climbs 234 meters over 4.45 km’s and gets less road more trail like the closer you get to the end.

There are a few brooks which may require crossing during the wet seasons, in the summer they are often dried up. The trail is still in great shape, even though it was decommissioned by the park some time ago.


Trail Head

(GPS 46.814778, -60.626494)


From the Cabot Trail turn onto Beulach Ban Falls Road and follow it to the end. The trail starts just behind the area for parking. You might want to go take a look at the falls before starting.


Track for the Aspy trail in Cape Breton.