Cape Smokey Provincial Park

Length Duration Difficulty Cell Service
10.62 km 4h 10min 3.5 Spotty

The Smokey trail in the back of the Cape Smokey Provincial Park offers many look-off’s and a very enjoyable hike. The trail goes through a white birch forest, remnants of burnt forest and eventually leads you over the top of Smokey mountain itself. The final view at the end of Middle Head and the Keltic Lodge is simply amazing. Save some energy for the way back as we find it a harder trek out than in.

According to the locals, this trail is maintained by the province, not the park, and it tends to be one of the last trails to be cleaned up after the winter months. As of July 2015, the trail is growing in a bit from lack of use but still in great shape. It is also very common to see moose on this trail.


Trail Head



There is a picnic park on the top of Cape Smokey where you can easily find parking. The trail starts in the back of that parking lot.


Smokey Trail
Smokey Trail





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