Ceilidh Coastal Trail

Length Duration Difficulty Cell Service
22 km 7h 5 Spotty

Ceilidh Coastal Trail (also known as Ghost Beach) is the first leg of the 92km Celtic Shores Coastal Trail. The trail starts at the Canso Canal and ends at Chisholm’s Brook (Long Point) offering nice coastal views along the way. You can find access points at Troy Station, Creignish, Craigmore Station, Christie’s Look-off and Chisolm’s Brook at Long Point. This is where the Judique Flyer starts as well, or at least what hikers consider the Judique Flyer.

This trail is cyclist and ATV friendly.


Trail Head

GPS: 45.647863506464255,-61.412088513491824


Turn left as soon as you cross the bridge on the Canso Causeway as you are entering Cape Breton. You will see the trail head kiosk right away and there is usually ample parking available. The trail starts beside the chain-link fence to your right, walk towards the buildings and you will see another sign.