Meat Cove Mountain

Length Duration Difficulty Cell Service
5.22 km 1h 30mins 3.5 No

Meat Cove Mountain trail is one of the steepest hikes on the Island and offers a full 360 view of Meat Cove, St. Margaret’s Bay and surrounding area from the summit.

The first 1.25 km’s are a very steep climb and then from there you can wander on the summit for 2-4 km’s before heading back down the way you came in.


Trail Head

47.0195707, -60.56243610000001


Drive into Meat Cove and park in the parking lot near the visitors center/cafe. The trail head is back up the road about 100 meters. Note: there is a small parking area/shoulder right at the trail head with room for one or two vehicles as well.



Meat Cove Mountain track.
Meat Cove Mountain track.