Clyburn Valley

Length Duration Difficulty Cell Service
9-15 km 2-4h 2 Spotty

Clyburn Valley starts off on a service road that leads you in between a couple holes of the renowned Highland Links golf course. It then dips down and follows the Clyburn Brook, eventually leading to the remains of an old gold mine storage building (around 4.3 km’s in). From there the trail continues for many kilometers so you can continue as long as you like. This section of the trail used to be closed, but is now marked as “unmaintained” and open again. As of June 2016, the unmaintained section is in really good shape and is very enjoyable.

There is a high chance of encountering moose in the fall and winter along this trail.

Possible wildlife: moose, coyote and black bears.


Trail Head


From the Ingonish Beach entrance to the park, drive 2.6km until you cross the Clyburn Brook bridge. The trailhead and parking lot are on the left just after the bridge. Use the Map to get exact directions.





Clyburn Valley Track.
Clyburn Valley Track.