Pringle Mountain

Length Duration Difficulty Cell Service
13.5 km 4h 3.5 No

This trail is named after James Pringle, the first settler of Point West Bay area in 1851.

The trail leads up hill immediately but levels out after the first 2 km. There is a fork in the trail at the base of the mountain, keep to the left to keep going up the mountain (~150m climb). The right trail goes to the remains of an old mill. If you intend to visit Pringle Lake you need to take a left just before the bridge at the 2km mark and follow the ATV trail. Stick to the right when this trail forks off. This ATV trail tends to be wet and eventually leads to little still-water. Follow along the side of the still-water to get to the lake.

Across the bridge the main trail continues, but most folks just go in to visit Pringle Lake, as that is the highlight. You can continue along the trail which can be very wet in spots. The road widens and is relatively flat. You will see various hardwood and tamarack until you reach a junction at 3.5 km, where you can turn right and head to McDonald Lake. This is the most desirable place to turn around. If you continue straight, it begins to descend and does not really lead anywhere. Once you reach MacDonald Lake, turn around and back to your vehicle.


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Trail Head



Turn off highway 4 in St. Peters Village by Parkers Restaurant toward Oban, French Cove, The Points, and follow for 25 km. Reaching the Points West Bay, look for a small unnamed bridge crossing Pringle Brook. The entrance to the old road is 100 Metres before the bridge on the left between it and the MacLean residence (white house).

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