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Spanning more than 3,500 square kilometers, the Bras d'Or Lake and its surrounding watershed encompass a diverse landscape of forests and aquatic ecosystems at the heart of Cape Breton Island. Contrary to its name, the Bras d'Or Lake isn't a typical lake or inland sea; rather, it functions as an estuary where fresh and salt waters blend harmoniously. This estuarine environment constitutes 31% of the Biosphere, while the remainder consists of the watershed consists of 1,000-kilometer coastline.

While we focus on the hiking trails and activities here, visit the Biospheres site for a full list of activities.
Trails List

  1. East Bay Hills - 3.1 km
  2. Ben Eoin Provincial Park - 1.7 km
  3. Goat Island Trail - 2.4 km
  4. Pringle Mountain - 13.5 km
  5. Myles Doyle Falls - 1.5 km
  6. Salt Mountain - 3.88 km
  7. Lewis Mountain - 10 km
  8. Humes River Wilderness Trail - 13.38 km
  9.  Gairloch Mountain Falls - 6.45 km
10.  Nicholson Trail - 3.15 km
11. Kellys Mountain - 6.1 km
12. Barachois Mountain Gorge - 10+ km


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