Cape Mabou Highlands

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Trail Info
Length: 11-16 km
Duration: 4-6h
Difficulty: 4
Cell Phone Service: No


The Cape Mabou Highlands area was once a vibrant Scottish community but is now a collection of 18 or more excellent trails. Depending on the trails you choose, you can make it into a couple hour long hike or a day long mission. The area itself is mostly thick forest and mountains. It feels like a mixture of Pollets Cove, Meat Cove and North River Falls all in one (terrain not distance).

There are three different trail heads to access this system, see the directions tab for more details. The trails themselves are well signed and most are well worn (a couple are still closed (Jul 2014). If you are curious about the geology of the area you can find great details here.
Trail List

Trail List

MacKinnon's Brook Trail (Beware: Steep Shoreline Cliffs)
2. Mackinnon's Brook Lane / Cul Na Beinne ("Beyond the Mountain")
3. MacEachern Trail (Old road to South Highlands)
4. Beinn Alasdair Bhain ("Fair Alistair's Mountain") Trail
5. Coill a Bhraighe ("Highland Forest") Trail
6. Beinn Bhiorach ("Steep Mountain") Trail
7. Trap a Mhathain ("Bear Trap") Trail
8. Rids An Daraich ("Oak Ridge") Trail
9. Bealach Scridean ("Scree Path") Trail
10. Braighe a Bhaird ("Poet's Ridge") Trail
11. Gleann Sidh ("Enchanted Valley") Trail
12. MacArthur Trail
13. Oir a Ghlinne ("Edge of Valley") Trail
14. Highland Link
15. Lairig Na Creige ("Rocky Hillside") Trail
16. Highpass Trail (Closed)
17. MacPhee Trail
18. Beaton Trail


Access Points

Mabou Mines Rd:
From Mabou, turn onto Mabou Harbour Road. Drive 5 km and then turn right onto Mabou Mines Road. Follow that 7 km until you get to the bridge at Mill Brook. Parking is available anywheres from there to the trail head.


Cape Mabou Rd:
From Highway 19, turn onto Glenora Falls Rd. and keep going until that meets Cape Mabou Road. Turn right and drive until you make it to the big wind turbine. Park on the side of the road, there is a small sign indicating the trail head.


Sight Point:
Locals said this access point is a tough go after last winter. Will post directions again when repaired.