Egypt Falls

Length Duration Difficulty Cell Service
13.58 km 3-4h 3 No

The Egypt Falls (originally Appin Falls) trail offers a quick descend down to the widest waterfall (~60 feet) on Cape Breton Island. The road you park on, is also the road that takes you into Pipers Glen. This is a great 12 km or more addition to this hike to make it even more worth the drive out.

Please note the 13.58 km distance includes the walk into Pipers Glen as a warm up before going down to the falls. While we recommend this, it is entirely optional. You can head directly to the falls which is a very short and steep trek.

– sometimes referred to as Pipers Glen Falls or Appin Falls.
– the locals often refer to it as the Curtains.


Trail Head


Parking is available along the road near the trail head.


Egypt Falls & Pipers Glen
Egypt Falls & Pipers Glen




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