Money Point

Length Duration Difficulty Cell Service
13.74 km 5h 30min 5+ No

The hike starts with a steep climb over an old rugged washed out road following some power lines. There is a small look-off roughly half way up the climb, the view is great. You get many nice views of the Bay of St Lawrence pretty much any time you turn around on the ascend especially near the top.

Once on top follow the road keeping left at the junction. Soon the road turns steep and alders slowly start to close in but when you make it through to the bottom you will get to see one of the most beautiful sights Cape Breton has to offer.

Money Point (Old)
Money Point (Old)

Money Point itself is beyond words and there will likely be a few horses around to add to the setting. Save some energy for the return tho as the walk back up the mountain is grueling.

Although it is one of the most amazing places on the island, Money Point is also one of the more remote hikes in Cape Breton and is not for the inexperienced. There is no easy place to get fresh water on this trail either for overnight trips, so make sure to bring lots.



Trail Head

47.002842612094206, -60.45605658273928


Turn off the Cabot trail and head towards Meat Cove/Bay of St. Lawrence, head straight past the Co-op (do not go to Meat Cove). Turn right onto Money Point Rd and drive to the end of it. Park along side the road leaving room for other vehicles to turn around.




Money Point trail.
Money Point trail.



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