Mica Hill

Length Duration Difficulty Cell Service
8.1 km 2h 45mins 3 Spotty

Mica Hill is a new trail in the Cape Breton Highlands. The trail starts off on the Glasgow Lakes trail, and you hang left at the fork in the trail to start this. There is no signage yet (as of Oct 2014), but likely will be soon. The trek to Mica Hill has a unique feel to it as you pass through a baron-like area with marshes and can see for miles in almost any direction. Behind is an incredible view of the Sugar Loaf area, which just gets better the further along Mica Hill you get, not to mention it’s the main view on the way back.

When you reach the top of Mica Hill, you will understand why it has such a name. Enjoy the scenery and retrace your steps to return.


Trail Head

Trail Head:


From the Cabot Trail, turn onto Paquette Lake Rd and follow it to the end. There is a parking lot with lots of space there.

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Mica Hill
Mica Hill Track