Glasgow Lakes Lookoff

Length Duration Difficulty Cell Service
9.42 km 2h 45 mins 3 Spotty

Glasgow Lakes Look-off is a trail that tends to be overlooked because of its location. Parks Canada have been busy improving it and have added some great look-off’s in the process of creating the Mica Hill trail. The first 2 km’s are now very well groomed and there four are platform look-off’s with benches on them to take in the amazing view of Sugar Loaf.

At the fork in the trail hang to the right (left goes to Mica Hill ) and continue onwards to the look-off. The climb is gradual but will be much appreciated on the return.


Trail Head

46.83494026052542, -60.43431996088259




Glasgow Lakes Lookoff track
Glasgow Lakes Lookoff track
(Track is slightly outdated due to the recent improvements / work done to the trail.)