Cape St Lawrence Trail

Length Duration Difficulty Cell Service
11.3 km 3-4 hours 4 Minimal/Spotty

This hike (also known as The Lighthouse Trail) takes you over mountains, through thick forest, leading to a remote breathtaking oceanfront on Cape Breton’s most western tip. Here lies a vast, rolling, open field shoreline with a multi-mountain backdrop. There are remains of old lighthouses and the newer automated version which is active. It also offers one nice look-off near the Bear Hill area.

These lands are moose territory and as a result there are many side trails and off shoots from hunting. The “trails” are really old access roads and ATV paths. As of August 2016 the road and trail are in great condition with little doubt as to the correct trails to remain on.

You can make a loop of this hike (~16kms) using the Coastal/Lowlands Cove trails or retrace your route to return. As of August 2016 the trails are easily passable and well marked/worn.


Trail Head

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Trail Stats

Min Elevation Max Elevation Elevation Gain Calories Burned Mean Incline Mean Decline
19m 266m 578m ~813kcal 16% 14%


Head into Meat Cove and park in the parking lot near the Info center. The trail head is located just over the bridge.

There is an alternate start location and parking at the end of Meat Cove Rd for a small fee.

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